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SEO / Search Engine Optimisation

Seo involves getting your website better listings in search engines like Google.

Organic SEO

This is achieved through a range of efforts which come together over time (sometimes over years and not months). It can take time for Google to decide a new website is trustworthy.

Everything begins with an assessment of the most useful ‘keyphrases’ related to your business. These must be collected and then prioritised according to:

  • how relevant they are to your business
  • how many other competitor websites are also trying to promote the same keyphrases
  • how likely you are, with the time and budget constraints of the given situation, to achieve a page one ranking

It is better to have one keyphrase on page one of google than five keyphrases on page 3 of google. This is because the total number of ‘clickthroughs’ achieved is likely to be much higher. Thus the chance of getting more conversions on your website is also higher.

Once the keyphrases have been discovered and sorted they then need used both on and off your website. The keyphrases should appear in the text of your website, for example: SEO Glasgow would appear in this page. However, for keyphrases with high levels of competition more is needed to ensure a good ranking.

Here I refer to off-site optimisation where references to your website are needed from other, preferably important websites. Google considers these references and links to be more of a factor (and thus would help your ranking) then references from less important websites. If you run a tiling business, there may be a trade body which has a large website with a high level of trust in Google’s eyes. Getting a link to your website from them would be very useful.

Google Adwords

Google Adwords can be a useful tool in delivering visitors to your website. The adwords system works by charging for clicks through to your website from Google’s search engine results pages. When a web surfer enters a search term like ‘seo company glasgow’, they will see regular (aka organic) results as well as some ‘sponsored results’. If they click on a ‘sponsored listing’ then the advertiser is charged a small amount (e.g. £0.70 ) each time.

Although many website owning businesses pursue normal SEO methods with the aim of getting a good listing in the organic results, Adwords tempts a high number of others because:

  • The campaign can begin running in a few hours; organic SEO can takes months to see benefits.
  • Valuable insight into the best ‘search terms’ can be gained from the Adwords campaign which can be used to help decide the keyphrases to go after in the organic SEO campaign.

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