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Web hosting is performed by specialist companies like 1and1, Fasthosts  and 123Reg. Web designers use these companies to ensure a robust and safe web hosting solution is achieved for their clients. Web hosting companies tend to offer the following packages:

  • A Reseller account – this provides a web designer like me an opportunity to host up to a certain number of websites on behalf of clients.
  • A Shared hosting account – the web hosting company allows for a single website to be placed on its computers/servers allowing, typically, one domain name only. ( / / are all domain names). A number of different customers have their websites on the same server and secure login ensures they do not access each others’ websites.
  • A Dedicated server account – the entire web server is given over to one website, generally required for websites that experience thousands of unique visitors every day.

Generally, I set websites up on behalf of clients and as part of the process interact with hosting companies. I am listing web hosting as a distinct service as, in rare cases, a client just needs to have an already made website moved from one hosting company to another, or from their computer to the internet.

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